On 20 March 2018 the KB (national library of the Netherlands) organizes the seventh national library conference in Den Helder, meant specifically for public libraries.

About 700-1.000 participants - managers, employees, specialists and other stakeholders - will meet and interact through workshops, talks, and on an information market with a creative zone. There will be many opportunities to have a chat, share knowledge and network.

The conference consists of a plenary morning session, followed by a great amount of parallel sessions in the afternoon. The afternoon is co-created with everyone working in the field of public libraries through crowdsourcing, to ensure that we make full use of the high level of knowledge, experience and expertise present.

This year, the theme of the conference is ‘The library building, building a library for the day after tomorrow’. Not only the architectonic part it but also the functional part.

The three subthemes influencing the conference throughout are as follows:

  • The library and public space
  • Bits in the building
  • The library as a living room

This year the conference will take place at De Kampanje in Den Helder.